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Greenscreen Photography for LifeDimension Germany

It was fun to attend the Genzyme Pharmaceutical convention in Barcelona and develope a Greenscreen Photo session for their participants.

The game was simple but fun. Each participant was asked to write a few lines about themselves on a blank paper. It should express something about their life, family, work, interests, etc.

During the lunch break participants would visit the portable greenscreen photographic studio we installed at the Avenida Palace Hotel, where the convention was held. One or two pictures with their best smile were taken a total of 35 participants. before going back to the conference, their opinion was asked about a series of landscape photos in our laptop, so they would choose the one they like best.

Our post production team took care of putting it all together, print it and frame it so the Genzyme participants would take home their best smile at their favorite landscape in a wonderful picture.

Greenscreening is a technique frequently used in the movie industry that makes possible to put people in any background just making a studio session. Now you know why superman can fly.

the portable greenscreen studio


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